Carrie Purcell

Animal Communicator

Hi, I’m Carrie.
I am an admin for
Karen Anderson’s ANIMAL COMMUNICATION PLANET PRACTICE GROUP. I’ve conducted over 100 communication sessions with departed pets while also providing information for those still living.

About me

I have found my passion in animal communication. I am a graduate from ANIMAL COMMUNICATION ONLINE COURSE with Karen Anderson. I have also completed Suzanne Giesemann's online Making The Connection Mediumship Course. My journey started in 2020 when my beloved dog, Lexi, passed away tragically. A few days after she passed I found the book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals and Karen Anderson’s Animal Communication Planet Practice Group on Facebook. I received a message from Lexi which started me on this whole new journey and I haven’t looked back. I am given past, present, and futuristic information from Lexi which encourages me to fulfill my purpose of bringing this peace and validation to others. Lexi guides me and encourages me to be the best that I can be. Animals have this way of giving us messages that we really need to help us heal, and I would like to bring that to you! Since Lexi’s passing, I have worked hard to develop these skills. I now volunteer in a disabled dog rescue home and I absolutely love it. How I work:
I work via email or messenger. I can connect with departed pets and also the living. As the animal gives me a message, (whether its words, Images, video clips, or feelings) I will pass these to you directly. As I do this, the animal will give me more. Although my path has only just begun, I feel I’ve always known that my purpose was to work spiritually coming from a spiritual family. It took this heartbreak for me to find my way, and I will always be grateful to my Lexi for leaving me with this gift. Join me as my gifts, talents and journey unfold..

Price list
30 minute session $50
15 minute session $35